Home Styling – How it works?

At Nordichaus we believe everyone deserves to live in a beautifully designed home

What do you need to change, re-style or furnish? Are you looking for a full restyling, a new room or simply do you have an interior question? We have the right solution for you! Select the package you need and buy it like a product in the shop.

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Select and buy your home styling package

Select the package you need and buy it like a product in the shop.

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Fill out questionnaire & your pictures

Now you will receive a E-mail  with a question-naire. Answer to it and send it back to us with a few pictures. We’ll need it to work and be creative. 

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Let's discuss

After we get the questionnaire back, we’ll invite you for a Video Call (30 to 60 min.)
We’ll discuss the details and your wishes, making sure we don’t miss anything.

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Select and buy your home styling package

We come back to you with a MOOD-BOARD (a visual presentation of all the furnitures and accessories that fit together to furnish a room) and a detailed Shopping List.

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Get delivery

Take your time to go through your shopping list and once you’re sure, order the products which we’ll be directly delivered to you.

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Nothing to do, Just Enjoy!

Wait the delivery of your products and enjoy your new room!
Do you need us at your place to make it sure everything is all right? Don’t worry, we do it!


Do you have doubts or questions? Check our FAQ below.
If you can’t find the answer you wish, just drop us a few lines here

An interior mood-board is a visual presentation of all the furnitures and accessoires that can fit together to furnish a room. A sort of collage! 🙂

After the VideoCall it will get 10 to 15 working days. Our interior designers work every project individually.

We offer different packages to fullfill every need:

ENTRANCE OR SINGLE WALL – This package is ideal for the ones who need to furnish the entrance room, a corridor or a single wall (not an entire room).

ROOM <15 SQM – This package is ideal for smaller rooms like kids-room, office, guest-room, sleeping room, bathroom and so on.

ROOM >15 SQM – This package is ideal for bigger rooms like living, dining or other bigger spaces.

LIVING & DINNING >30SQM – is ideal for open space living room and dining room or rooms over 30 square meters. 

OUTDOOR – the word says it, ideal for terraces and lounges.

Sure, you tell us which furnitures you want to keep and we’ll plan with them!

Sure not. Our mood-board is a perfect room concept in term of furnitures and accessoires. Anyway, you can decide WHAT and WHEN to buy the products.

Normally yes, because only you decide when to buy the products of the mood-board. By the way, as we work with many brands & partners, we suggest you to buy your mood-board package only 8 to 12 weeks before moving.

Oh yes, we love it! For this we have the INTERIOR PACKAGE – OUTDOOR.

We create mood-boards that fit your space and budget. It means we’ll search for you the right products all around, within our shop but also partners and interior brands.

Yes, you get a shopping list with images, links and sizes. Our interior designer will select everything in the right size and shape for your room.