Lets introduce our new brand House Doctor. House Doctor inspires you to create an elegant home by designing décor that allows your unique and personal style to stand out. With aesthetics rooted in the Scandinavian design tradition, our range of décor, accessories and furniture make it easy for you to create a beautiful home.

Décor as the final detail

House Doctor’s large selection of décor lets you define the atmosphere of your space, be it an office, living room, bedroom and bathroom. Choose a large selection of storage solutions for your home. Choose from beautiful sea grass baskets, wire baskets, vases, planters and beautiful flowers.

Kitchen essentials

Make your kitchen personal with House Doctor’s tea towels, placemats, vases and napkins.

Design meets function

A lamp is more than a design piece and creating perfect lighting is far from an easy task. House Doctor offers a full range of lamps; from wall lamps and pendants to floor lamps and table lamps. At Nordichaus, we have a selection of the most popular House Doctor lamps.

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