Curly Candle Fully Curled, Blossom Blush 4 pcs. – Specktrum

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  • Diameter: 2.0 – 2.2 cm
  • Height: 30 cm
  • Materiale: Full-refined paraffin blend
  • Other: Self-extinguished
  • Units: 4
  • Color: blossom blush
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The Curly Candle Collection consist of Candles in luxurious dusty shades here seen in the color blossom blush. The Candles are made of full-refined paraffin blend of the highest quality.  The lights are hand twisted and they are dipped on an old Danish-produced dipping plant. The Collection is designed to be Self-extinguished which means that when there is only 4 cm left of the candles it turns it self off.

The candles can vary a bit in thickness (between 2.0-2.2cm), as the candle is handmade and they are deliberately made a little thicker to ensure that the candle does not tip in your chosen candle holder. To ensure that the candle fits perfectly with the chosen candle holder, gently warm the bottom of the candle before it enters the candlestick. The candle is made of paraffin and can therefore be softened gently, which allows it to shape itself after the hole in the candlestick. This ensures that the light is correctly positioned in your candlestick.

You can heat it gently at the bottom by either getting a few inches in warm water or by heating the bottom very gently with a lighter. Watch video for example here.

If the candle is too large for the chosen candle holder and if the above advice is not met, the colored hand-dipped coating layer may fall off as the paraffin breaks. Watch the youtube video here:

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Spectrum is based on passion. Passion for modern, well-executed design, rich traditional craftsmanship and unique products. Specktrum do not believe in machine production - but instead in unique products for unique homes that tells a story. The products you can find are the interaction between a love of Scandinavian and authentic design, good craftsmanship and geekiness for every step of the process - because you deserve it, and your home deserves it. The home is the place where life is lived - and that must be able to be seen, felt and expressed.


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