Hand dipped, dyed candle, 2 pcs. 45 cm – Pastel Purple – Kunstindustrien

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Size: 2,2 cm x 45 cm.
Full colored.
Burning time: around 20 hours.
Made from fully refined paraffin to secure a clean burn.
Pieces: Set of 2 candles.
Dipped candle made in Denmark since 1971.

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Long candles by Kunstindustrien. These candles comes in a beautiful pastel purple color. These pastel purple candles are colored through and hand dipped. Made of the highest quality of refined paraffin to secure a clean burn.

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Kunstindustrien is a danish brand who has been making candles since 1950. Quality has always been Kunstindustrien the most important area. With the many years of experience in candles and experimenting with the variety of wax mixes, wicks and production techniques, Kunstindustrien today produce one of the best candles on the market. The products you will find by Kunstindustrien is a collection of full colored candles and the popular twisted candles.


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