Pasta fusilli, red lentils – Nicolas Vahé

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Ingredients: Durum wheat semolina, 30% red lentil flour, dehydrated tomato, water.

Size: 250 g

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These pasta screws are made of red lentils and has therefore the most beautiful red colour. The pasta screws are perfect as side dish to a traditional Bolognese, as an element in a fresh pasta salad or a delicate pasta dish. The pasta screws can also be served simple with a glass of your favourite bruschetta or pesto from Nicolas Vahé. We recommend that you serve the dish with Parmesan cheese on the top and a piece of freshly baked bread on the side.


Nicolas Vahé

Nicolas Vahé is the man behind the lovely salts, spices, oils, coffee syrup and sweets. The products you will find from Nicolas Vahé are a mix of special ingredients, from the Danish and French kitchen. Top up your cooking with Nicolas Vahé's delicious products. Nicolas Vahé will provide you with an experience outside the usual and then it looks amazing too.

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