Playhouse Thea – Ecolignum

CHF 589.00 inc. MwSt.

  • Material: Beech (solid) Surface: Oiled
  • Size: Height: 137,0 cm, Width: 165,0 cm, Depth: 80.0 cm.
  • Quality:
    High quality and very stable construction
    CE marking according to EU regulation 765/2008
    Durable, oiled surface
    Certified wood sourcing according to PEFC
  • These are activity toys for home use!
  • The use of children under 12 months of age should only take place under the supervision of parents or adults!
  • The rungs on the roof are loadable up to 30.0 kilograms!
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The playhouse THEA offers children and adolescents a retreat to play, read and cuddle in safety. As a sustainable furnishing element, it integrates perfectly into any child’s room, playroom or living room and is versatile in its use. Junior craftsmen and women can use THEA as a workshop, demonstrating their manual dexterity. Repurposed as a store, children can use the THEA playhouse to recreate everyday shopping situations. As a puppet theater for diverse role plays and adventurous stories, the playhouse also creates a great stage. With blankets and pillows, a cozy cuddle and play den is created. In the 3 spacious shelves of the middle shelf, children can store their favorite treasures, stuffed animals and books.

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Ecolignum makes beautiful climbing and romping furniture for kids. The wood is made of pure natural wood, free of harmful substances. The products you can find from Ecolignum are climbing frames, climbing triangles, play arches and accessories. The warm impression of the European beech gives the children's or playroom long-term security, comfort and hours of fun.


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