Urbania Lighthouse Pantheon white – Kähler

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The white-glazed lighthouse, whose lines are inspired by Rome’s most beautiful and best-preserved building, the Pantheon, adds a whole new light with its refined shape. The twinkling light and alluring shadows of the Urbania light house sparkle enchantingly in the window sill and fill the room with happy expectations. Put the Urbania lighthouses together in larger or smaller urban environments, and let the handmade lighthouses light up in all seasons.

Color: White
Material: Ceramic
Size: 8 * 21 * 10,5 cm

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Pantheon lighthouse in white by Kähler Design.

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Kähler is a celebration of the well-preserved ceramic for more than 180 years and one of Denmark's well-known design brands. By Kähler you will find beautiful vases like the Omaggio with stripes, Urbania lighthouses and the popular Nobilie tealight holder.


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