About Nordichaus

All the best from scandinavia

Nordichaus.ch is founded by me (Simone Kaalund) in February 2019. I’m a Dane, and I always had a love for interior and design. When I was a little girl, I was moving all my stuff around in my room to get a new look. The bigger I became, the greater my love became for Danish and Nordic design too. 

My vision with the webshop is to collect the best brands from Scandinavia with modern and new designers. I wish to give my customers a special feeling, where they can create and do home improvement with home accessories and decorations.

The product you will find in the webshop is specially handpick luxury interiors – for living and the kids room. As a mother, I have a great love for children’s interiors, clothes and wooden toys, that you will find under the kids category.
Most of the brands are from Scandinavia with few exceptions but most importantly, they all fit into the Nordic style.
I hope everyone who visits Nordichaus gets a good experience, and they feel inspired when they leave my webshop.

Happy Shopping 🙂