When you give your employees a corporate gift, you show them that you value them and their work. At Nordichaus, we offer corporate gifts for for both large and small businesses. We have a selection of fine food, wellness products, dried flowers, vases, design icons and much more, so you can easily find the corporate gifts you need for your employees. We can also make you some beautiful gift with a mix of more brands. Feel free to contact us – so we can help you find the perfect corporate gift.

In order to shop corporate gifts it must have a value above CHF 500.-

Contact: Simone Kaalund: E-mail: Hej@nordichaus.ch

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Let your employees choose their gift themselves

People are different and with a gift card, your employees or customers can find the gift that suits them and their needs best. You can find our gift card here. If you wish you can send us a list with the names of the employees and we will write their name on, just like the gift card as shown in the picture.

Nordichaus Gift Card
Nordichaus Gift Card

Toys for your institutions, Kindergarten or Spielgruppe?

Do you have to buy toys for your institution or play group? 
Then you are very welcome to write us an e-mail. We have a large selection of toys for children. We have tipis, doll stroller, tumbling furniture, wobbel boards, play food, children’s kitchens, doll furniture, roadways, cars and much more. You can always get advice and guidance from us if you are in doubt about which products are suitable for your particular institution and its needs.

Contact: Simone Kaalund: E-mail: Hej@nordichaus.ch

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