Ample fragrance sticks – Humdakin

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Place 3 sticks in the bottle, and they will soak up the scent form the fluid and diffuse it. If you wish for a more subtle scent – only use 2 sticks. If you wish for a stronger scent – use 4 or more sticks. Replace the sticks when scent fades.

250 ml / 10 fragrance sticks

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HUMDAKIN’s fragrance sticks diffuse a delicate scent that feels safe, warm and cozy. This lovely scent creates a comforting and welcoming atmosphere in your home.
Style your home with the elegant bottle while the scent lasts for months and diffuses a scent of comfort and cleanliness, which prolongs the feeling of a newly cleaned home.
The Ample scent is combining the sweet floral aroma of lotus flower with the refreshing power of bergamot.

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Humdakin is a Danish brand with cleaning products and modern household products. Humdakin’s mission is to combine beautiful design and cleaning. Humdakin provide high quality, beautiful design, a pleasant scent and environmental and allergy friendly products. All Humdakin’s ingredients is based on natural ingredients like salvia, sea buckthorn, elderberry, peony and chamomile.

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