Baby Hammock Motor Connect – Moonboon

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  • 1x Motor Connect
  • 2x safety carabiners with plastic parts
  • 1x 24V Power supply unit with a 3-meter-long cable and adjustable EU plug (compatible with adapter kit for UK, US and AU standard plugs)
  • Moonboon app is available in both the App Store and Google Play Store.

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The intelligent helping hand that never tires – our smart Motor Connect can bring more and better sleep to your baby and you through a simple click on your phone. It’s so quiet, you can barely hear it.

Sleep programs:

The three sleep programs in our app’s sleep universe, equipped with the Motor Connect, follow and reflect your baby’s biologically normal sleep cycle for more and better sleep. The variations in rocking intensity ensure that the baby’s sensory nervous system doesn’t get accustomed to the motion, so you can continue to enjoy the benefits of the motor.

Short nap: Lasting 30 minutes, the short nap program starts with high-intensity rocking for 10 minutes, decreases to medium for 15 minutes, and ends with very gentle rocking for 5 minutes. This supports the child for a short nap or one sleep cycle, after which the child continues to sleep without rocking or wakes up naturally.

Long nap: The long nap program lasts 2.5 hours, starting with high-intensity rocking for 15 minutes, followed by medium for 10 minutes, very gentle rocking at a low level for 15 minutes, then medium intensity for 10 minutes. This pattern repeats 3 times, corresponding to typical sleep cycles for babies under 1-2 years old.

Night: The night sleep program runs for a full 5.5 hours, starting with high-intensity rocking for 20 minutes, medium for 30 minutes, very gentle low-level rocking for 30 minutes, then medium intensity for 30 minutes. This pattern repeats 3 times, corresponding to a normal baby sleeping through the night with the need for assistance approximately every 2 hours.

You can also set the duration and speed of the rocking motion of the Motor yourself, offering flexibility at all times.

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Moonboon is founded by the danish couple Marie and Adam. When Marie became a mother, she found out how import sleep is. That was the kickstart to Moonboon. Moonboon is indeed a Danish brand that specializes in designing and producing organic baby products. Their product line includes items such as baby clothes, bedding, swaddles, and accessories, all made with organic materials such as GOTS-certified cotton and bamboo. The brand aims to provide high-quality, sustainable, and safe products for babies and children. Moonboon’s products are made of organic materials that are sustainably made. For example, the mattresses in baby hammocks are filled with kapok, a natural fiber that is hypoallergenic. All of Moonboons textiles are organic. You can therefore always be sure that Moonboon products are natural and produced without the use of chemicals.


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