Drawin Table – Drawin Table

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The whole table is exclusively made of natural wood (Birch). The set consists of:

  • A wooden game table
  • A round reversible blackboard (to write with chalk) / whiteboard (to write with velleda)
  • 5 white sheets
  • A pencil holder
  • A black microfiber cloth

The paper sheets have a weight of 170g / m2. Thanks to this thickness, your children can draw and color with a felt-tip pen without risk of transparency. The drawing surface (front / back) is therefore doubled!

  • Size: 70 × 70 × 10 cm, Height 48 cm


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Multifunctional table for children there love to be creative. The accessories (chalk, colored pencils, markers) are found in the center of the round table. The various white or themed paper as well as the integrated black erasable board can be removed to make room for a pretty round table to play on.



Drawin Table

Drawin Table is a kid-friendly table where children can draw, paint, get to know things and names and express their imagination, creativity and cunning on a blackboard and white themed papers. The table is a good opportunity to give children the opportunity to live their creativity and play with their friends.

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