Salt, Parmesan, Tomato & Basil – Nicolas Vahé

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  • This salt from Nicolas Vahé is a combination of tomato, parmesan and basil. The salt is especially suitable for sprinkling on butter, tomato salad, fish, meat and pasta. The grinder makes it easy to add extra flavor when cooking, so you can enjoy the delicious flavor combination as part of your food. It is not just perfect for cooking it also looks amazing in the kitchen or on your dining table.
  • Size: 300 g
  • Ingrediens: Sea salt 92,93%, parmigiano reggiano cheese 2,8% (unpasteurised @milk, salt, rennet), tomato powder 1,39 %, garlic powder 0,93 %, chilli powder, beetroot powder, basil 0,4 %, basil essential oil
  • The mill comes with a ceramic grinder which gives you finely ground spices. This releases the oils for more aroma and flavor in your dishes.

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Salt by Nicolas Vahé with salt, parmesan, tomato and basil. Perfect for your butter, tomato salad, fish, meat and pasta.


Nicolas Vahé

Nicolas Vahé is the man behind the lovely salts, spices, oils, coffee syrup and sweets. The products you will find from Nicolas Vahé are a mix of special ingredients, from the Danish and French kitchen. Top up your cooking with Nicolas Vahé's delicious products. Nicolas Vahé will provide you with an experience outside the usual and then it looks amazing too.

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