Spring cleaning with Humdakin

Spring is upon us and there is no way around it. It’s time for spring cleaning. Humdakin has made a checklist which makes it easier to keep track of the cleaning room by room. Print the list yourself and have fun with cleaning. Find also inspiration and tips in the Humdakin book organizing, cleaning and styling.


  • PLANNING: Make your self a plan and use the checklist. Plan what you will do and when. Some maybe do it all in a weekend and other need it in small steps. Find a solution that fits you the best way.
  • GOOD CLEANING PRODUCTS: Make sure you have all what you need before you start. Choosing Humdakin cleaning products also ensures you products that are safe for you and does not course allergies. Find your Humdakin cleaning products here.
  • HAVE FUN: Put on a good podcast or turn up the music from your favorite artists. Dance through your spring cleaning. It makes it easier and more fun. Finish with fresh flowers, lighting a scented candle and relax.

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