Bike Seat & Stroller – Påhoj

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  • Weight capacity: 22 kg
  • Product weight: 6,75 kg
  • Foldable: Yes
  • Handlebar: Telescopic adjustment, extendable to 104 cm / 41 in
  • Safety harness: Five points
  • Front wheel: 360° swivel lock
  • Back wheels: Suspension
  • Bike adapter included: Yes
  • Color: Black
  • Bike Adapter
  • Frame mounted: Yes
  • Approved bike frames: Round frame tubes, 28-40 mm/dm. No carbon fibre frames.”
  • See the video about how it works here.

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Påhoj is the new bike seat that turns into a stroller in a second. It is designed for children between the age of 9 months up to 4 years or with a maximum weight of 22kg/48,5 lb or a maximum height of 110cm/43 in, whichever comes first.

Påhoj has a lightweight chassis with an adjustable telescopic handle. For easy storage and to optimize the size when biking, the rear legs can be folded in, making Påhoj nearly half as big. The perforations in the back provide ventilation for the child and prevents wind resistance when biking with an empty seat.

Påhoj comes with an adapter for fixation to the bike frame and is therefore not dependent on a parcel carrier. The adapter is suitable for bicycles and approved for round tube frames with a diameter of 28-40mm. Due to strength properties, the adapter should not be mounted onto frames made of lightweight materials such as carbon fiber.

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Påhoj is a swedish brand founded by two parents. The idea is to combine walking and biking into one. With Påhoj you can use the seat as a buggy and a bicycle seat for your child. It is designed for children between 9 months and up to 4 years or with a maximum weight of 22 kg or a maximum height of 110 cm, whichever comes first.


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