Salad Bowl Ø 40 cm Grey/ Rose – Bitz

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  • Color grey / rose
  • Material: stoneware
  • Diameter: 40 cm
  • Stoneware

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BITZ big dish, dia. 40 cm, in grey stoneware with a glossy, pink/rose glaze on the inside combined with matte reactive glaze on the outside. The dish is perfect for large salads and dishes. Suitable for dishwasher, microwave and oven up to 220 degrees.

You never get tired of looking at the beautiful combination of the matt outside and the brilliant, shiny inside. The matte, reactive glaze makes the dishes and all the other products in Christian Bitz’s stoneware series unique. There are various scratches, marks and patterns in the glaze, and not two products are the same. The same applies to the glossy colored glaze of the inside. This is what gives the series a living and very special expression when the elements are put together and yet appear quite different.

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See our large selection of Bitz. Bitz has been developed by Christian Bitz, the Danish health expert. The Bitz series consists of stoneware in beautiful colors and shapes that create a raw and unique look. Find cutlery, plates, bowls, glasses, tapas sets and much more.


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