Weighted Sleeping Bag 9-12kg Stone – Moonboon

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  • Material:
    Outer: Soft, 100% organic cotton of interlock quality, with a quilted pattern.
    Middle: Cell membrane in polyester with filling consisting of polyester fibre and small glass beads. Safely housed in the compartmentalised Secure Cell System, which distributes the weight evenly across the front of the vest.
    Lining: Soft and durable organic cotton jersey, which ensures comfort and a great fit.
  • Size: 9-12 kg (Weighted Sleeping Bag, 85 cm long)
  • With a TOG value of 2.8, the Weighted Sleeping Bag is designed for room temperatures of 18-22°C.
  • Can be used before and during sleep as well as when relaxing over the course of the day.
  • Wash on a cotton cycle at 30 degrees Celsius. Can be tumble dried and ironed at low heat. Avoid bleaching.

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The Weighted Sleeping Bag is designed in collaboration with experts to help the child relax, which is a necessary condition for falling asleep. You can use it while walking your baby in the pushchair, in the pram before taking a nap, or as part of bedtime preparations. The Weighted Sleeping Bag is the perfect choice for when your child is ready to leave the baby hammock but still needs something to help them settle down.

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Moonboon is founded by the danish couple Marie and Adam. When Marie became a mother, she found out how import sleep is. That was the kickstart to Moonboon. Moonboon is indeed a Danish brand that specializes in designing and producing organic baby products. Their product line includes items such as baby clothes, bedding, swaddles, and accessories, all made with organic materials such as GOTS-certified cotton and bamboo. The brand aims to provide high-quality, sustainable, and safe products for babies and children. Moonboon’s products are made of organic materials that are sustainably made. For example, the mattresses in baby hammocks are filled with kapok, a natural fiber that is hypoallergenic. All of Moonboons textiles are organic. You can therefore always be sure that Moonboon products are natural and produced without the use of chemicals.


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