Wireless Electric Breast Pump – Lola & Lykke

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  • Bottle capacity: 180 ml, powder blue
  • BPA Free Bottle: Compatible with most standard baby bottles.
  • Since the pump consists of only five parts, it is quick to clean and assemble.
  • Lightweight and quiet. No tubes. No wires. No hassle.
  • Digital display features a memory button and a timer for easy tracking and recording pumping sessions.

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Wireless, lightweight, portable breast pump with USB charger. Smart touch screen technology builds in a super-convenient pumping experience.

The small and light design mimics the baby’s natural sucking pattern and offers 6 stimulation settings and 9 expression modes.

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Lola & Lykke

Lola & Lykke seeks to provide mothers worldwide with fresh ways to take control of their individual motherhood experience. Make your breastfeeding better with products from Lola & Lykke.


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