Breastfeeding Starter Kit – Lola & Lykke

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Everything you need to breastfeed successfully, it’s all in the box! In this magnetically sealed, beautiful box you will find:

1x Smart Electric Breast Pump

1x Breast Milk Storage Bags 10pcs + Adapter

1x Breast Milk Storage Bags 30pcs

3x Breast Shields (21mm, 24mm, 27mm)

2x Nipple Teat 2-packs (3M+, 6M+)

2x Baby Bottles (0M+, 3M+)

1x Silicone Spart Parts Set

1x Breast Pump Carry & Cooler Bag

1x Curved Bamboo Nursing Pads (2 pairs)

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The Lola & Lykke Breastfeeding Starter Kit is a selection of an award-winning breastfeeding essentials. You will find everything you need to get started.

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Lola & Lykke

Lola & Lykke seeks to provide mothers worldwide with fresh ways to take control of their individual motherhood experience. Make your breastfeeding better with products from Lola & Lykke.


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