3 ways to organize your wardrobe

Let go of your pre-washed, old sweater and organize your closet space. Do you know the feeling in the morning, where you are standing in front of your closet and don’t know what to put on ?. A closet with order can make your everyday life easier. Get inspiration on how to make organizing your closet a little more fun.

1. Get an overview

  • Start by sorting out your stuff. Find out what you have and what you use.

    Start with 3 piles of clothes:
    Keep: The clothes that you use often and that suit you.
    Hide: Store away clothes that do not suit the season. Winter clothes is only for winter and summer for summer.
    Throw away / Donate: This pile can be difficult! Do not save things you can not fit – because you just have to lose 5 kg. You will probably never get to fit your old jeans again. And if you can, you might think by this time, that the jeans is out of date.

    Here are some of the steps who can help you with the decision:
    – If it’s too small
    – If you feel uncomfortable in it
    – If you have not used it for a year
    – If you have a newer and better version of it
    – If it is worn and can no longer be repaired
    – If it has shrunk
    – If it is prewashed
    – If you only bought it because it was on sale

    When you still have your clothes out of the closet, you can quickly take your Humdakin universal cleaner and Humdakin spray bottle and wipe all surfaces off. It will leave your closet with a nice pleasant clean scent.

2. Choose your storage form

  • Choose your pattern and your storage form, so that your closet also can have order if others in the house needs to put your pants or blouses together.
    Find out whether your storage boxes should be open or closed, in wood or fabric, or in fun different colors. Ay-kasa is in my personal opinion really good for order in the closet. Aykasa is available in 3 different sizes, mini, midi and maxi. They are available in many different colors so you can easily sort your currents in one color and your underpants in another.

    Tip! If you want a simple light look, choose a maximum of 3 different colors. Pastel colors are great for creating calm in a room or closet.
Torino Clothes Rack – natural wood / black 199.- CHF

3. Make it clear

  • Once you have distributed your things in your boxes, labels can be a great way to get a good overview. Especially if there are several of you in the household who arrange laundry. With labels you can create your very own personal look. Have fun with getting your wardrobe organized.

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